ParentNode function for ACL management – Cakephp.

Context : Cakephp version 1.3

Useful links :
Baking MVCs
ACL with groups
Using ACL behavior
Understanding how ACL works
Cakephp v1.3 manual

ACL management based on groups of user permissions requires 5 essential SQL tables
, please read this previous post first!

Bake the MVCs (Models, views, controllers)
If you don’t have your Models, Views and Controllers for each of your SQL tables, you will have to BAKE !

To do so, please read the previous page : Create the MVCs with Cakephp of this blog.

To manage the groups and users with the ACL management, you will have to add some functions in your users.php and groups.php models.

Please find below the code to copy them directly in your model files…

You can also download the source from my box.

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